Balinese Experience

One of the greatest appeals of Balinese cooking is the contrast and balance of sweet,

savory and spicy flavors. An excellent way to sample the local cuisine is by enjoying the Rijsttafel or the Megibung as it is called in Bali

MEGIBUNG is the East Bali’s tradition for cuisine in both ingredients and preparation, consist of a mixture 6 different dishes all served around rice.

Try it now at The Dauh Restaurant for IDR 450K++/couple. Book 1 day in advance with our team member. 

Sate Campur

Minced pork with lemongrass, coconut infusion and skewered chicken and pork

Served with peanut sauce

Cramcam Ayam

Balinese thick chicken broth


Pepes ikan

Fragrant spiced local fish wrapped in banana leaves

Lawar Klungah

Wok tossed shredded young coconut shell and green bean in Balinese spices

Ayam Sambal Matah

Grilled chicken breast top with Balinese salsa

Tumis Kangkung

Sautéed water spinach with garlic, chili, tomato and shrimp paste

Sate Udang

Skewered batter prawn

Urutan & Kremes

Spicy pork sausage & deep fried pork belly stripes

Nasi Putih


Dadar Gulung and Pisang Goreng

Stuffed Balinese crepe with palm sugar caramelized coconut and Banana fritters


Bubuh Injin

Sticky black rice pudding with coconut milk


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